Cuentaviñas - Vinos de origen

The name of the project is a play on words that comes from the expression “cuentacuentos” in Spanish (“storytelling”), in the most positive sense of the word, a story understood as a fantastic tale that entertains and provides enjoyment to listeners and that is intertwined with the obsession that Eduardo Eguren transmits with each “piece” of vineyard.

Telling the story of the vines, transmitting in each wine the unique essence of each carefully chosen plot.

It is not about “making” wine, but “cultivating” it.

Eduardo Eguren

Eduardo Eguren

Fifth generation of the Eguren family, a prestigious name in the world of wine, which has consolidated its savoir-faire over the decades through projects of recognized prestige: Sierra Cantabria, Viñedos de Páganos, Teso la Monja (…)

A lover of wine as a way of life, he spent his childhood in vineyards with his grandfather Guillermo and his summers between barrels with his father, Marcos. That life immersed in the world of wine and wine-making fuelled his dream to create something of his own to project and develop the ideas and knowledge he had acquired around the world.

After the death of his maternal grandfather, Félix Ramírez, three jewels in the shape of a vineyard came into
his hands, spurring him to go it alone and embark on a small, exclusive project, in which he could put
into practice everything he had seen and learned on his journey with great masters and in different
winemaking areas.

The dream

The dream

This idea developed from the entrepreneurial passion of a restless protagonist, who wanted to try his luck with his own ideas.

With courage and determination, he decided to abandon the affluent life of the family project to embark on a journey some beautiful stories.

Together with his wife, Carlota González, a businesswoman with a family vocation, who fell in love with the project captivated by her husband’s passion and courage, they began the story of Cuentaviñas.

The dream

The vineyards will always be the heart of this project, based on the maxim that everything begins at origin,
is difficult to write a good ending without a good beginning.

The dream

A lover of the place that immersed him this life tinted in burgundy, he felt the need to stay in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the place where he grew up. For that reason, with the characteristic patience required for anything that needs to be developed slowly, they went on innumerable and infinite strolls to visit local districts at the foot of El Toloño (mountain) in the hope of finding something that would fill them with enthusiasm, something that represented without words what Edu felt inside.

In Peciña, a municipality belonging to San Vicente de la Sonsierra, they found a village that represented the essence of what they were searching for. Like a journey to a wonderful old tale, Peciña barely has any registered residents, its few streets preserve the essence of that past with restored wine presses and washhouses and few, but beautiful, restored stone houses that momentarily make you feel a deep sense of peace.

He also found the perfect link with the origins that drove him, since his maternal grandfather was nicknamed “el peciñero” (term used to refer to residents from the village of Peciña) for many years. It is not clear if he
chose the place, or the place chose him.

The jewels



C/Vial B6 Peciña
26339 San Vicente de la Sonsierra
(La Rioja) España